o mapa

Site Specific / Promenade Theatre


 DAD - UFRGS Porto Alegre,Brazil December 2010

 TEPA - Porto Alegre, Brazil  March 2011

 Festival Internacional POA EM CENA - Porto Alegre, Brazil 2011

 Instituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil, Porto Alegre, Brazil 2012

 Centro Cenotécnico, Porto Alegre, Brazil 2012

 Cia dos Atores, Rio de Janeiro, RJ 2013

 Vila Flores, Porto Alegre, Brazil 2015

One journey, two different points of views. The agonizing sensation of incompleteness so common to all of us and the main theme for “The Sheltering Sky” written by Paul Bowles is translated in the piece through the journey of the audience,  splitted into two routes - “The Clocks” and “The Mirrors”. Each route travels through the  same spaces but in a different order and builds a narrative rooted in the idea of omitting and revealing, giving the audience the possibility of experiencing two sides of the same story, something impossible with  the incessant rhythm of life that roars outside, like a lion lost in the desert.


O MAPA was adapted and occupied different historical venues across Brazil. The work is freely inspired by "The Sheltering Sky" by Paul Bowles, and was nominated for 9 categories in AÇORIANOS Award, one of the most important awards in Brazil.  



Programe and Maps

Academic Paper  about the show


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