The project is a free adaptation of the book DESUMANIZAÇÃO  by the portuguese author Valter Hugo Mãe.


Death is a catalyst for essential questions about what makes us human, what love is and one's own understanding of the world. From the bodies interaction and choreographic compositions, performers turn their bodies into landscapes, evoking the atmosphere of the book. Just as Halla sees the tragedy of the world with childlike eyes, the performers create a poetics with their bodies that establishes itself as a dialogue between ludic and catastrophe. The project will mix elements of physical theatre  and miniature set design to create a live cinema experience.


The director Francine Kliemann, along with performers Catharina Conte, Luiza Kessler and Manuela Albrecht undertook the initial rehearsal stage in 2019.

The show was scheduled to open in July 2020 in London, but due to COVID 19 pandemic, it was postponed to 2021/22.

Artistic Director

Francine Kliemann


Catharina Conte

Manuela Albrecht

Luiza Kessler


Light design

Andre Birck


Sound and set design 

Evan Reinhold


Ariel Arthur 



Francine Kliemann e Catharina Conte

freely inspired by Desumanizacao, by Valter Hugo Mae