“How often in the overflowing streets have I gone forwards with the crowds, and said into myself, “The face of everyone that passes by me is a mystery” [VII 595-598] Wordsworth - Prelude/ 1805)


home for legs

Visual Theatre


STUDIO 3  Goldsmiths University, London UK  - January 2017

A visual theatre piece exploring the contradictions between public and private  through the creation of two different worlds inhabiting a table.

Created  and directed by

Francine Kliemann


Camila Moncada Bradford, Maya Goldstein, Callum Lee Jones

"This was a clear concept, very thoughtfully and cleverly executed, matched to time, engaging the audience in the pleasure of suggested narratives. Originally conceived, and with a bow to surrealism and surrealism’s use of objects that are never quite what they seem — especially to the surrealist game of Exquisite Corpse. She articulated the poetics of space with wit and poetic juxtaposition."