"We can perhaps tell everything about the present, but about the past! The first, the oneirically definitive house, must retain its shadows."


Interdisciplinary Performance


GEORGE WOOD THEATRE -  London UK December 2016

Interdisciplinary piece loosely inspired by the movie "THE MIRROR" from Andrei Tarkovsky, created in collaboration with a performance maker, sound artists and a writer.

The performers shadows are witnessed on stage – a chorus of shadowed adult figures manipulating toys. mise-en-scene of our minds -flashing frames, which are never complete. When present becomes past, it  inescapably belongs to the world of dreams. Glimpse which can never be captured. There is an overriding feeling that these memories are an aberration. We are all victims of this distortion.

Collaborative Team: Francine Kliemann, Camila Moncada Bradford, Daniel Hermann Collini and Ecem Ozkam.