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Arts-based Placemaking



A partnership between PLATÔ Cultural and  Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil

The project integrates three main actions: Artistic Mappings; COLABs (Creative Laboratories); and a Cultural Incubator.  Following the concepts of the “Performative City”, the actions are  directed into  responding to  specific challenges in Porto Alegre through arts and culture looking at how this can provoke transformative processes and help us imagine alternative futures and new narratives in co-creation with the local community.  It involves individuals and artists coming from different disciplines with an interest in cross-disciplinary collaboration as a way to create new artforms and to rethink the city through performance and culture.

Acupulturas is a hybridisations of Urban Acupuncture and Culture. We are proposing a 'course' of cultural urban acupuncture, in which we target specific areas of Porto Alegre's communities and provoke projects through Labs. the overall idea is that Acupulture in the rural zone, archipelago or urban area can stimulate change on the scale of the whole city. 


This is a research project started in 2019 ant that will continue running until 2023

THE PILOT LAB 'Lab Cultural Cidade Criativa' took place in Porto Alegre in March 2020 as a 4-day LAB programme of talks, participatory dynamics and group work. 

During a  previous cultural mapping process, the curation team identified challenges and themes that were relevant to the city of Porto Alegre, and these were transformed into provocation statements to be voted on (seen below). The participants all well as the local community voted on their favourite themes.  The most voted topics were the ones worked during the practical LAB: 


LIVING AND DEAD SPACES” - How to revitalize a dead space?” reflecting on the post-industrial region of Porto Alegre and its derelict areas.  

The outcome/idea: playful toilette - participatory urban furniture.


 “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER” - The 16 islands of the Archipelago of Porto Alegre. Porto Alegre has its back to the river. The city has 16 islands, and no one knows about them. How to connect the city and its islands?

The outcome/idea: performative cycling experiences - starting from the city center and ending at the Arquipelago of Porto Alegre

keywords: cultural mapping; arts-based placemaking; transdisciplinary processes; participatory work; co-creation and community building.

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