“By 7pm i will be here. Open your window,

I want to see you.

With love, T.G.”


Urban/Participatory Performance



commissioned by the city of Porto Alegre, and programmed in the International Festival for Urban Performance of Porto Alegre in 2014. 


Rua Duque de Caxias Porto Alegre,Brazil November 2013

Rua General Canabarro Porto Alegre, Brazil  April 2014

A live performance  playing with the universe of the old serenades and with the idea of talking about public and private, performed in streets and balconies around  the city. The show was created with and for the community of chosen streets, in the city center of Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


SERENATA was part of the series of work that the company produced with the aim of dialoguing with urban space and finding new ways of experiencing the city as well as the blurring of the boundaries of the public and private.

More about the show:

The company selected a street and started a period of research into the historical and social context of the site; it’s heritage, architecture. We started conversations with the residents to collect material for the creation of the performance which used as its inspiration the theme of traditional serenades. As part of the process of gathering an audience and a quasi-invite we distributed anonymous handwritten love letters,  to the residents of the street - a letter with a quote about love and closing with: "By 7pm I will be here. Open your window. I want to see you. With love, TG"

In addition we selected 3 to 4 houses which would participate in the show. The residents agreed to borrow us their balconies and windows so we could share their stories.

This resulted in a big community performance dedicated to the balconies and windows of the street and celebrating the dialogue between public and private, the inside and the outside of the houses on the street.  We succeeded communicating between inside and outside, using the balconies and windows, through a poetic street intervention.

SERENATA (12).jpg