TROCAR: Exchange; Cambiar; Alternate; Commute, Reciprocate;Swap and  Substitute




Experimental sonic performance in collaboration with the mexican DJ and a sound designer PaneTone,  occupying the whole building of CASA M part of the International Art Exhibition 8ª BIENAL DO MERCOSUL, and a exploration of the company research into Dramaturgy of Space.  The performers repeated a sequence of actions/scenes around the building, while the audience was free to move around the building and  and to create their own order of scenes and narrative.

The starting point was a exploration of the urban spaces of Porto Alegre in relation to the countries PaneTone have travelled to, before landing in Porto Alegre for this collaboration. 

Where is the Mexico in Porto Alegre? Where is Cuba in Porto Alegre? Where is Colombia?
It was a way of dialoguing similarities, correspondences, and discuss the urban space through this metaphor. 

The performance was a result of a three month interdisciplinary residency in which the company was invited to participate.