I am an interdisciplinary theatre maker, cultural manager and writer specialised in immersive and dramaturgy of space. I am currently based between the UK and Brazil. 

I was born and raised in Brazil where I have worked as a theatre maker, producer and educator until 2016 when I moved to the UK. In Brazil, I am the co-founder of the devising and site-specific company Teatro Geografico.  Since its formation in 2010 in Brazil, the company has created works in a variety of locations and always in dialogue with the city, placing the audience at the heart of the experiences.

I hold a MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths University of London, where I am a cultural entrepreneur in residence at the ICCE Department with PLATO Cultural since 2018.  The company is specialised in immersive and arts-based placemaking, working in the intersection of theatre, design and new technologies.

My research interests include dramaturgy of space, spectatorship and the concept of experience, immersive education and site-specific placemaking. 

I am driven by the curiosity of exploring new performative and artistic formats that can bring unexpected layers to the fabric of reality and  trigger new ways of sensing, experiencing and perceiving places. 

My work can be seen in non-conventional places, as well as in  theatres,  in the public space of the city and in the nature landscape. I am interested in the dialogue between place and spectator and in the line between everyday reality and fiction, playing with the multiple possibilities of layering and "narrativizing" space and experience.

 I completed a degree in Theatre at UFRGS (Brazil) in 2011 and  an MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths University of London in 2017. I am trained in Jacques Lecoq technique in Brazil, and I have also undertaken training with ODIN TEATRET, Theatre du Soleil, LISPA, Complicite,  David Glass, ANU Productions, among others.